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new default search engine for firefox
firefox search engine use yahoo
30 December 2014 after instaling new firefox on my laptop bekas, than open firefox app, in address bar i have no idea to open any website, but i try to write on address bar firefox with something who i wanna looking for, and press enter than i see yahoo is new default search engine on firefox.
Everyone use a web browser like Internet explorer, mozila firefox, google chrome and etc, sometime don't wanna type web address on browser address bar, they just wanna write anything to search on address bar. 
Mozilla firefox is best browser used by People around the world. streaming faster, load page faster and more. when i check my page view of my online store website with 80 percent people use firefox to view my site, there are significant page view, visitor to visit my web. form 8000 page view per day now just 4000 page view / day. than i use webmaster tool to analyze than i found dropped page view from search engine. my website is number one sometime number 2 on google search  with keyword : "laptop bekas", "laptop second" but in yahoo that adopt bing as main engine algorithm. now my site position as number 5 - 6.
The best way to get more page view is : we accept it and we build better seo for bing / yahoo. and sign up to bing / yahoo webmaster tool than fill any site map and check seo, optimize your image for seo, and fill completed form on webmaster tool. see bing - yahoo is best search engine 2015.
Blackberry use bing is default search engine, Facebook use bing is default search engine, and still use another on 2015. just wait and see, 
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