Error 102 Reload Software on blackberry 9790


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Error 102 Reload Software for further information visit :
blackberry error 102
Today i have a problem with my blackberry device, type blackberry 9790 people said "bellagio" prompt  "Error 102 Reload Software for further information visit : than leave 1 button "reset". it same problem repeated 3 times since i was bought it. i have no installed new app anymore, like new mozilla firefox mobile or etc, Than i try to press reset make blackberry reboot and after reboot still back to white screen with same prompt. What the fuck is that ? i have upgrade to os 7.1 also have same problem too. absolutely is too easy to repair this. just connect your blackberry to new blackberry desktop manager. and update it. but it may be lose some contact, last message, form email, sms and blackberry messenger. i use JL_Cmder software to wipe it and reload new os. Agung Agerecard from said "for rapid online store who use blackberry as a default handheld to use old OS from blackberry like os 5 and use old blackberry messenger. Mr Sugi from nathan cell malang also said that use - Reload to OLD OS and BBM, for user who use os Blackberry 7.1 always backup data every 1 week or 2 week to avoid lose any data and recent message on your blackberry
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