Bing - Yahoo Server maintenance 3 January 2015 @2.00AM GMT+7


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bing - yahoo search problem on 3 january 2015
Bing - Yahoo Server Maintenance 3 January 2015 @2.00AM - 2.40AM ( GMT+7 Bangkok - hanoi Jakarta ) . I try to use bing - yahoo looking for something, just see white screen to check a spelling, another keyword and etc, ( no result ) . Bing and yahoo is one engine - with same algorithm search engine. see Bing article "bing is the best search engine 2015"

New years 2015, bing prepare new algorithm, open large search engine with better crawler, serp, fast, and relevance result. Hope they success make bing better. Bing also make better crawl for video file on internet, like youtube, and build better search for social network like facebook use bing as default search engine, in addition new firefox 2015 use yahoo default search engine on address bar

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