Disassemble Canon 35-350mm Lens


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I have second hand DSLR Camera ( Kamera bekas ) canon eos 7D Body and Canon Lens 35-350mm L Series  ( Rare Item ). many dust, fog on mid, and main lens, Is very difficult to take canon 35-350 disassembly. I try to search on google and youtube " how to disassemble the canon 35-350 L Series ? still have no result anymore. Just found a book from ebay  "canon Service Manual ef 35-350mm"  Price 15.92.
how to disassemble canon ef 35-350mm
I don't have more time waiting for delivery and etc, than i try to open it without any literature or manual book, step by step until all opened and clean all lenses, than i have to reassemble it. i take 3 - 4 days. because i forget any step. after finish 100% assembly always have something wrong with it, begin from MF, problem in autofocus, and etc, more than 6x i take unpacked and installing the lens. than i found 1 forum from japan, i have any photos. 
how to Disassemble Canon 35-350mm Lens

That not have procedure to taking apart. But that images give me guidelines to equalize when mounting the lens. I have any advice for you before taking apart of canon 35-350mm. 
1. Record your step using camera / recorder
2. put the bolt on right place with name / and identity location. no mix it. 

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