Eat & Photograph Something New All Month

Eat All the Things - October is jam-packed with food holidays. Be sure to capture your scrumptious food adventures with these great tips...

Eat & Photograph Something New All Month
Eat All the Things - October is jam-packed with food holidays. Be sure
to capture your scrumptious food adventures with these great tips for
food photography

Capture the most delicious moments of your life.

"Composition is the key to standing out as a food photographer. It is
not enough to take photos of beautiful things. You have to take photos
that draw on classical artistic conventions in order to enticingly
capture the universality that is food. That, and be sure to photograph
as much chocolate as possible."

- Sarah Fennel



6 Food Styling Tips For
Drool-worthy Photos

Wondering why your barista spent three minutes perfecting the foam art
masterpiece on your mocha latte this morning? Hint: it wasn't to make
you late.



Tips for Creating Tasty Food Photos from a Pro

I'm Sarah Fennel and I'm a professional food photographer and baker.
My clients include Sur La Table, Ghirardelli, Chobani, Absolut Vodka,
Blue Diamond, Google and Wolf Gourmet. I've also started the online
Foodtography School where people can learn the technical and business
aspects of food photography.



something new every day of October!

There are so many food related days in October we couldn't list them
all. Here are some of our favorite days:

Did you capture some share-worthy food photography? Be sure to tag
@getolympus when you share your work on social!


Want to Learn More?
Our learn center is chock-full of useful tips and tricks for capturing
tasty food photos!



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Informasi Terbaru Fotografi, Kamera Lensa dan Laptop Bekas: Eat & Photograph Something New All Month
Eat & Photograph Something New All Month
Informasi Terbaru Fotografi, Kamera Lensa dan Laptop Bekas
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